Our Lady's Catholic PRIMARY SCHOOL Chesham Bois

A place of learning - A community of Christ

  • Welcome


    Welcome to Our Lady's Catholic School. We are one of the leading primary schools in Buckinghamshire providing an education underpinned by the social teaching of the Catholic church. We are committed to ensuring that all children succeed  through a broad and balanced curriculum.

  • Academic


    Each and every child is made in the image and likeness of Christ so it is important that we stretch them to reach their infinite potential. At Our Lady's school, we consistently have one of the highest attainments in Buckinghamshire and aspire to be the top attaining school in the county. 

  • Sport


    Competitive sports for all. We believe that all children should be involved in competitive sport as often as possible. We aim to provide a high quality sports and physical education programme that will inspire children to become passionate about sport and knowledgeable about its benefits. 

  • The Arts

    The Arts

    The Arts provide children with the opportunity to express themselves and develop their creativity. It helps them to appreciate the awe and wonder in the world around them. We encourage the children to develop a love for art, drama and music.

  • Pastoral & Spiritual

    Pastoral and Spritual

    Through the pastoral and spiritual life of the school, we can develop the children who know they are an important part of the school community. Prayer is central to everything we do and by developing children's spirituality we help to make them more resilient and prepared for modern life.